It is with bittersweet feelings that I announce the closing of Monthly Box Hub. I have had a wonderful time over the past year and I hope all of you have as well. Thank you for all of your support. More than anything, knowing that I could help people by posting reviews and that viewers would enjoy the content was my favorite part of running the site.

I posted a video on Youtube that explains some of my reasons for closing Monthly Box Hub, but the main reason is that I am going through some health issues that are sapping the time/energy I need to dedicate to the site. For that reason, I believe it is in the best interest of both myself and the site if I step back and try to resolve the issues before committing to another project. The issues are nothing serious, so please do not worry; they are simply overwhelming enough to make it difficult to continue managing the site.

That having been said, I have satisfied all of the site's obligations, so, while sad, the site's closing shouldn't cause anyone undue distress. I have already drawn a winner for the December giveaway and I will announce them in the Gleam widget as soon as I hear back from them. The website will remain up until the hosting expires in September 2017, but the content will no longer be updated. The Youtube channel and all of its videos will remain up as long as Youtube keeps them up. It is my hope that the reviews there continue to provide insights to potential box subscribers.

If you are interested in keeping up with Annabeth and I, the best means of doing so is by following our Instagram accounts:

And if you are concerned about where you'll get your subscription box reviews from now on, fear not! There are plenty of other subscription box review sites from which you can keep up-to-date on new boxes and unboxings.

Starting off, I'd like to recommend the two ambassador sites for Monthly Box Hub:

BeejuBoxes is a traditional subscription box review site that includes written unboxing posts as well as announcements about subscription box sales and coupons. They review a variety of boxes, including beauty boxes, geek boxes, and culture boxes.

Beautiful Butterfly Gamer is a Youtube-focused subscription box reviewer. She specializes in geek, beauty, and food boxes. In addition to posting subscription box unboxings and reviews, she also posts video game footage and vlogs.

In addition to keeping up with my ambassadors, I regularly check the following review sites that I also recommend:

2 Little Rosebuds

A Year of Boxes

Bits & Boxes

Girl Meets Box (Canadian)

Hello Subscription (also has a directory)

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The Box Queen (beauty/fashion-focused)

To end this post, I thought it would be fun/informative if I listed some of my favorite boxes out of the dozens I've reviewed over the past year! If you click on the linked box name, you can visit the box page where all reviews of the box will be listed.

Favorite Traditional Beauty Box: Beauty Box 5. At a cost of $12 or less per month, Beauty Box 5 provides a great value for the price. The box I purchased had over $40 of products! It also had a good variety of skincare, accessory, and makeup items. 

Favorite Asian Beauty Box: Esian Mall. What makes the Esian Mall beauty box stand out most from other Asian beauty boxes is that they theme their boxes each month and include a special item in each box that is suited to that theme. These special items are usually jewelry pieces; for example, in the Halloween box, they included a Bioworld Batman choker. If you don't care about these special items you might want to look for a different Asian beauty box that focuses solely on beauty products, but if you're like me and appreciate the variety, there isn't another box that can compare.

Favorite Fashion Box: SquareHearts. For a long time, I avoided fashion boxes because most of them require that the recipient pays extra money if they want to keep the items they received. What I loved about SquareHearts is that, for the $50 price, you get to keep all of the items you receive. I also believed they did a good job of matching the box's items to the other products in the box and the season during which the box was being delivered.

Favorite Food Box: Degustabox. There are a lot of great food boxes available. Among them, Degustabox is my favorite for two reasons: 1) it provides a high value of products for the cost and 2) the selection of products tends to be more practical for the average person's regular use than other food boxes. I received two boxes that provided about $35 worth of products for the $20 cost. In addition, the boxes contained household staples such as pasta, salad dressing, and walnut milk that have long shelf life and are likely to be used by the recipient. 

Favorite Exclusive Geek Box: Marvel Collector Corps. There are so many geek boxes that I decided to separate my favorites into two categories: exclusive and non-exclusive. The Marvel Collector Corps is a subscription box produced by Funko that contains 100% exclusive items. What's nice about getting 100% exclusive items is that you can be certain you will never receive a duplicate for an item you already have, and the exclusivity of the items lends more value to the items as collectibles. Marvel Collector Corps is my favorite of the Funko boxes because I enjoy a lot of Marvel properties. Funko also produces Smugglers Bounty for Star Wars fans and Legion of Collectors for DC fans.

Favorite Non-Exclusive Geek Box: Geek Fuel. The majority of geek boxes are not entirely exclusive, and Geek Fuel is my favorite among those. Although many of the non-exclusive geek boxes contain similar items, Geek Fuel stands out to me because they typically include at least one high-quality household item in each box. For example, they have previously included a cutting board in the shape of an NES cartridge and a toothbrush holder in the shape of a Game of Thrones-esque dragon egg. These particular items were exclusives, further adding to their cool factor.

Favorite Jewelry Box: Emma & Chloe. I have a LOT of jewelry and not enough time to wear all of the pieces, so I'm at a point where I value quality over quantity. That's why Emma & Chloe is my favorite jewelry box. While many jewelry boxes provide a handful of fashion jewelry pieces, Emma & Chloe focuses on sending one high-quality French designer jewelry piece from every month. The designer pieces are beautiful and the fact that they come from France adds a cultural flair to the already impressive box.

Favorite Children's Box: Little Passports. Disclaimer: I don't have kids, so it's difficult for me to judge children's boxes. However, I gifted a Little Passports subscription to a young cousin of mine, and he really enjoyed it. From an adult's perspective, it's even better that the contents of each box teach kids about US and world geography.

Favorite Women's Interest Box: Tombox. I didn't get my first Tombox until a couple of months ago, and I was blown away at the value! The package, which had cost me only $10, contained over $60 worth of products. The second delivery had a slightly lower value of $35, but that was still much more than the box's cost. More than that, I loved each of the items that was included. Subscribers take a survey before making their purchase so they can indicate whether they want feminine hygiene products, their favorite scents, favorite colors, etc., and as a result each box is tailored to the subscriber and the recipient is likely to receive items they'll genuninely enjoy.

Honorable Mention 1: Serendipity by Little Lace Box. If I hadn't heard of Tombox, the Serendipity by LLC would likely have been my favorite women's interest box. It has a similarly low cost of $10 to $13 per month and also provides a high value of products that has ranged from $28 to $58 for the boxes I've received. The only reason that Tombox won out is because the Serendipity box is not customized to each subscriber, so there are some items that I did not enjoy as much. However, it still has a good selection and provides a high value, so there's a lot to like about it!

Honorable Mention 2: Monthly Mystery Box of Awesome. I would be amiss if I didn't mention the MMB, which is one of the subscription boxes I featured most on Monthly Box Hub. MMB is unique as a subscription box because it's 100% random - there are no monthly themes or even an overall box focus. Although the items tend to focus on household tools, you can get ANYTHING. Therefore, it's one of the most fun subscription boxes to receive because it's truly a mystery. I only stopped subscribing because I didn't need more stuff.

Honorable Mention 3: Treatsie. As I mentioned before, there are a LOT of food boxes, so I had to name at least one more. It was hard to pick only one, but I settled on Treatsie because it provided the most consistently appealing food for me. Specifically, Treatsie offers a selection of artisan sweets every month. These sweets can vary from fruity candies to pastries to chocolates. The box value is usually about the same as the cost, so you don't get an exceptional return on investment, but it's a good pick for people who are interested in trying a handful of delicious goodies each month.

Phew, that was a lot! I think I covered all of the important points. If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact me using the Contact page on the website - I will continue checking the website email for the next few months. Again, thank you to all of the vendors and fans who have supported Monthly Box Hub since it's inception. It has meant the world to me and I hope I have succeeded in returning that appreciation with my unboxing videos and written reviews and that they will continue to be useful for people (via Youtube) even after the site closes.

All the best,